We Are WhenSanityFails

WhenSanityFails clothing brand was inspired to promote positivity, inclusiveness, and connectedness with the planet and universe. Our hope is to encourage gratitude and kindness to all people and to our home: planet earth & beyond.

We personally select our suppliers to ensure superior quality, natural materials, and ethical production. Everything is eco-friendly from product to package. This ensures a luxurious brand that you will be proud to wear.


At WhenSanityFails, we believe in the power of customization and sustainability. That's why we partner with a print-on-demand service for our clothing production. This approach allows us to create unique pieces tailored to your preferences while minimizing waste.


Our print-on-demand service utilizes eco-friendly printing techniques, reducing water consumption and harmful chemical usage. We also source garments made from organic or recycled materials whenever possible, promoting a circular economy.

By embracing print-on-demand, we ensure that each item is made with care, reducing excess inventory and the negative impact on the environment. Join us in wearing clothing that not only reflects your personal style but also supports sustainable practices. Together, we can make a difference, one customized and eco-conscious garment at a time.


We ensure that our packaging is high-quality while being eco-friendly. We use compostable and recycled material for our packaging.


Compostable packaging is typically made from several renewable plant-based materials and/or biopolymers. To be certified home compostable, a product must break down in home compost within 180 days and 90 days in commercial composting conditions.


Recycled packaging is made from previously used plastic products, including single use bags, bottles and other common plastic items. The plastic is processed at a recycling facility and put back into circulation, thus doubling its lifespan.

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